Here's what The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco thinks of what her co-star Jim Parsons brought to the series.

Chuck Lorre is known for creating enormously successful sitcoms - even though they rarely receive great reviews. Two And A Half Men is one of his most famous, with the Jon Cryer/Charlie Sheen-fronted series becoming a major hit following its 2003 debut. Of course, it became dogged by behind-the-scenes issues in its later seasons, where Sheen was fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher; regardless, it still ran for another four seasons.

Another of Lorre's success stories is The Big Bang Theory, which arrived on CBS in 2007. This revolved around a group of nerdy friends and their neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco, who once made a horror movie). The Big Bang Theory wasn't afraid to go broad with its humor, but audiences fell in love with its cast of characters and it's hard to deny it had a great ensemble. The sitcom - like Two And A Half Men - lasted for 12 seasons, and came to an end in 2019. It also received a prequel series in Young Sheldon, which follows the early years of the titular theoretical physicist.

Even after 12 seasons, many viewers still miss The Big Bang Theory and wished it lasted longer. Star Kaley Cuoco is among them and revealed she was shocked when Parsons told her he didn't want to continue with the series past the twelfth season. Even though the rest of the cast were willing to continue, it would have been near impossible for The Big Bang Theory to fill the Sheldon-shaped hole that Jim Parsons' exit would have left, so it was decided to end the sitcom. While Cuoco is still emotional about the show ending, she has nothing but praise for Jim Parsons and what he brought to the role.

Kaley Cuoco Believes Jim Parsons' Work Made The Show

In a 2021 Variety article (via Yahoo) promoting her follow-up series The Flight Attendant, Cuoco stated that “Jim was 100% the breakout, deservedly — the stuff he did on that show was an out-of-body experience." Even if The Big Bang Theory itself didn't receive warm reviews, Parsons' work as Sheldon was often praised and he crafted one of the memorable sitcom characters of the 2000s. Sheldon and Penny also shared one of the most distinct - and often oddly endearing - friendships in the show.

Parsons' work is also a major reason The Big Bang Theory was a breakout early on, so it's little wonder Penny star Kaley Cuoco is full of praise for what he brought. Parsons has often returned the compliment to Cuoco, having called her one of his favorite scene partners on the sitcom. Parsons still acts as narrator on Young Sheldon, where Cuoco made an unusual cameo during a season 3 episode as the voice of a swimming pool.