I just got out of a relationship that was similar to Ted and Robin's.

Obviously, it is a TV show and it's over the top at times, but relationships are imo well described and relatable,

and I have come to this conclusion : Robin didn't deserve Ted.


If we take into consideration everything she has done, starting with sticking around knowing how he felt about her,

then sleeping with his best friend not so long after their own relationship.

She also told him something along the lines of "it was nice knowing he was available if she changed her mind about marriage" on his wedding day.

She basically tried to ruin it only to not be interested once he became available again (kind of like Rachel with Ross on Friends).


Those relationships are, imho, a very toxic example and may be the reason why so many of us are struggling irl.

We watch people, real and fictional, endure things they shouldn't "for the sake of love" when we should just run when we're not treated the way we deserve to be.


Just like Ted should have not gone back to Robin.

On my 335911578th rewatch, I'm finally not okay with the original ending.