Just some random things about the show that I wanted to share for some reason.

Ted and Barney are the only characters to speak in every episode of the show, and Lily is the only main to not appear in every episode. Marshall and Robin don't have any lines in How Your Mother Met Me, but Ted, Barney, and Lily do.

Besides Tracy, the character to appear the most besides the main cast is Carl. However, this is debatable. Carl had 22 appearances across the show (if that includes his deleted scene in the finale), and Ranjit had 21. However, Ranjit was featured in the original script of the finale, and that entire scene was cut from the final episode, so it's possible that scene was filmed. So, if that scene is counted, then the two of them are tied.

There is not a single location that appears in every single episode. I'm pretty sure The Apartment has the most appearances, but it's still missing from The Limo and Last Forever Part Two. MacLarens is also missing from once again, The Limo, as well as Last Words and Natural History.

Now for some more quicker ones:

- The last speaking role of Penny and Luke until the finale (besides Last Cigarette Ever) is in First Time in New York.

- Linus has the same amount of appearances as Stella (not including mentions of the latter)

- Marshall has had jobs with at least 6 Companies. Structure (Pre Series), Altrucell (S1), Nicholson, Hewitt, and West (S3), GNB (S4-6), Honeywell and Cootes (S7-8) Unnamed Corporate Company (2016, 9x23)

- Ted has designed at least 4 buildings that actually got built. The Spokane National Bank Building, The GNB Building, his house in Westchester (he designed all the restoration plan so that kind of counts) and Future Ted mentions that the GNB building was his first building, implying he made at least one other building since.

Well, I had more in my head but I forgot all of them whilst writing so I guess that'll cover it.