It’s the holiday season and there is a ton of film content to check out across all streaming services, whether it vintage hits or potential future classics. HBO Max has just added a Christmas film for the whole family and its currently climbing the service’s charts.

8-Bit Christmas, a family comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris is now available to stream. The movie centers on the story of ten-year-old Jake Doyle adventuring to score the newest, best video game system as their Christmas gift: the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The festive film is told from the perspective of a now-adult Jake Doyle, Patrick Harris, as he tells the story to his daughter of how he was able to get the new Nintendo system back in the day by defying all the odds.

The film is set in the 1980s and is packed with ton of nostalgia for other holiday films set in that time. Currently, the film is sitting at number two on HBO Max in the US and other countries. 8-Bit Christmas has also performed well on the critic side of things garnering a 73 percent Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and a 74 percent audience score.

If you’re after something with holiday spirit that the whole family can enjoy, then check out 8-Bit Christmas. Unfortunately, some regions may not be able to stream the film at this time, but Christmas requires patience.

Right now if you want to catch this new holiday adventure you’ll need to check it out on HBO Max.