Maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s the only person who ever saw the Ted/Robin scenario for what it was, and had the guts to call Ted out on it. I’ve seen so much hate for her giving him that ultimatum in season 8, but honestly…. I get it. Completely.

Robin is the girl he cheated on her with, yet somehow insists on staying close with throughout their relationship. Robin is the girl Ted has lied to her about, multiple times. Robin is the girl that Victoria knows Ted is still holding onto, even if he won’t admit it to himself. She had every right to ask him to make a choice.

She even calls it in season 7, when she chooses Klaus and gets on that bus. That there’s a reason she and Ted, and every other relationship of his, hasn’t worked out…. it’s Robin. And she turns out to be right, again, in season 8. When Ted chooses Robin, insisting that it’s only because he can’t lose her as a friend, Victoria just smiles and says “I really hope you get her someday.” She knows she’s right, but that she’ll never convince Ted. And that broke my heart.

If I’m honest, I think a perfect “had to cut the show short” ending (no time to meet Tracy) would have been Ted moving on with Victoria. Their relationship was loving, fun, and everything they both wanted. Victoria could always give Ted the commitment and love he needed, while Robin never could. In my opinion, they are 50x the match Robin and Ted are.