In the 6th episode of season 6, "Baby Talk," there's a bit where Marshall and Lily are debating baby names, and Lily keeps vetoing all of Marshall's suggestions because they share names with all the trouble-making kids in her class. At one point he suggests Jeremy, and it cuts to a flashback of Lily in class.

Lily is sitting at her desk, and suddenly yells "Jeremy, no!" Then she gets splattered with red paint.

Then the camera pulls back, and you see a kid, Jeremy, throwing red paint at a canvas. Funny joke, cue laughter.

While all that is going on, they're also playing a riff from the popular Pearl Jam song, "Jeremy," as a little nod to people who will get the reference.

But there's a much darker side to this joke, and I can't believe I didn't put it together until today.

For those who don't know, the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy" was written about a real life tragedy that occurred in 1991. A 15 year old student named Jeremy Delle brought a gun to his high school classroom, stood at the front of the class, and blew his brains out in front of the teacher.

I'm going to share this image again.

"Jeremy, no!"

As you can see, Lily's dialogue, the specific framing of the shot, and the way the joke plays out, is clearly meant to be parodying the real life suicide of Jeremy Delle, as experienced by the teacher who watched it happen right in front of her face. Lily is acting as a stand-in for the teacher, and her kindergarten student is a stand-in for the real life Jeremy who killed himself.

Is "parody" the right word? I don't even know. All I know is that HIMYM rarely delves into humor so dark and twisted, at least not in regards to real life tragedies that we're not even all that far removed from.

To be clear, I'm not mad about it or anything, I'm more just blown way (pun unintended, I swear) that they actually did it.

Source : Reddit