Puzzles is the bar that Barney and Ted owned in Tailgate and Three Days of Snow. An established rule between Ted and Barney was that there would be no last calls.

In Three Days of Snow, Carl trusted Ted and Barney with MacLaren's Pub, to wait until their dates arrived. However, them and their band wanted to stay and get drunk, so they stayed open. When the band turned out to be a marching band, and Carl was said to be returning, they had to move Puzzles upstairs into The Apartment.

In Tailgate, Ted and Barney are outraged with the price to get into MacLaren's on New Year's eve, so they offer for everyone to come upstairs. In the apartment, there is a puzzles sign that is designed to parody Cheers. Ted and Barney employ Kevin as their bartender, and they invent a theme song which also parodies the Cheers theme song.