The Cheerleader Effect

The phenomenon in which girls in a group appear a lot more attractive than when seen individually. Personally, I think this is one of the most hilarious scenes in HIMYM, especially with Marshall in the corner.

The Hot and Crazy Theory

A person is allowed to be crazy, as long as they are equally hot. Ideally, you want your date to be above the diagonal line, indicating that they are hotter than they are crazy. There does appear to be some bias however, as shown by Barney's diagram, which indicates that someone who is the maximum level of crazy does not have to be the maximum level of hot in order to be equal to/above the diagonal line.

Dobler-Dahmer Theory

If both people are into each other, then a big romantic gesture works: Dobler, but if one person isn't into the other, the same gesture comes off serial-killer crazy: Dahmer.

Also these lines are like of theory from HIMYM...

  1. Nothing good happens after 2am.
  2. Don’t postpone joy.
  3. Don’t ever give up crazy times with friends.
  4. The talk is one of the worst things ever, but it is important.
  5. Don’t chase after what doesn’t work. Let the universe take over.
  6. Things happen for a reason.
  7. Perfect isn’t always perfect.
  8. Things you might not have liked before may not be that bad later on.
  9. Miracles happen.
  10. Some people have expiration dates.
  11. Some people are worth a lot of work to keep around.
  12. Wait for it.
  13. The important moments shouldn’t be wasted, because you can’t get them back.
  14. Be clear about the things you say.
  15. The most important people in your life are the ones you can picture sitting on a porch with.
  16. Get out of the house, go for a walk, get a bagel

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