Here's something you've probably never considered the 2008 Ryan Reynolds rom-com “Definitely Maybe”.

This is a movie version of the show How I Met Your Mother.

Don't believe me? Well how about I explain the plot of one of them and you try and guess which one it is.

So there's this guy and he's telling his kids the story of how he met their mother the story is set in New York City, when he was a twenty-something professional making his way through life with a close group of friends.

He tells them about many of his romantic adventures although he is intentionally vague on who their mother is and it is not until she is

finally revealed that we realize she wasn't in the story very much and in fact the story wasn't about her at all.

The real story is about how this guy has always been in love with one of his closest female friends and he's just using this story to admit that to his children so they will be okay with him moving on.

Now that he is no longer with their mother. Did you guess which one it was? 

NO. That's because I have deceived you that was the plot of both stories.

Did you watched this movie, If you watched then Did you find that the ending is the same?