I’m kind of extremely excited to watch it. I know everyone is saying it’s terrible (I just watched the trailer and most of the YouTube comments are negative) but I think it’ll be a fun watch.

I was a kid when I first watched HIMYM (it ended when I was in my freshman year of high school and I was watching it as it aired)

and it was hilarious at the time.

I still rewatch it now bc it’s still hilarious. I hold the show very near and dear to my heart, which is why I’m giving HIMYF a chance.

It doesn’t have to be HIMYM, it can’t be (there’s no person that can pull of a Barney Stinson character like Neil Patrick Harris so don’t attempt it man).

I’m just going to watch it to have fun, just like I did with the original.

I didn’t waste any energy comparing HIMYM to Friends (as many people did), I just enjoyed it as it was and I think HIMYF deserves that shot too. It might not end up being the best sitcom of this era, but it could still be moderately entertaining.