I've seen some memes with scenes from Friends and How I Met Your Mother, which featured actress Christina Pickles (Judy Geller and Rita Aldrin) in both scenes and said the following: If she is Monica's mother and Lily's grandmother, is Lily the Monica and Chandler's daughter?

I went much beyond that. Let's assume they are in the same universe, but ignoring some facts (such as the characters' names of the Friends actors who featured in HIMYM and Lily's father too).

• Monica and Chandler would be Lily's parents, just because Judy was Monica's mother and Lily's grandmother.

• Cristine Rose, who played Bitsy Hannigan and Virginia Mosby, would be the Mike and Ted's mother. Ergo, Mike and Ted would be brothers.

• The most coincidental is that Mike and Ted dated the same girl and broke up with her on her birthday. This is crazy, isn't it? The actress Anne Dudek played Friends as Mike's girlfriend Precious in Season 10 episode 1. While in HIMYM she appeared in episode 4 of season 1 and episode 18 of season 5 as Natalie. In both series the boyfriends broke up with her on the day of her birthday.

• Do you remember Randall (Thomas Lennon), the man with Joey's twin hand, in episode 22 of Season 5 (Las Vegas)? He was about to marry Victoria, the woman Ted dated before she left for Germany.

• Claudia (Monique Edwards), who worked with Chandler in Tulsa, also worked with Robin as the producer of the news channel.

• While Janice started working as a real estate broker. She sold the house to Marshall and Lily.

• We can't forget Rhonda (Sherri Shepherd)! Do you remember Rhonda? That woman Joey worked alongside her at the museum as a tour guide at the museum. Marshall and Rhonda shared the ride in the car after she was expelled from the plane along with him because of Marshall.

Crazy analysis, right? hahaha. I don't know about you, but I love both series. Although Friends is my favorite series. Anyway... I hope you enjoyed it.