Fans claim How I Met Your Mother copied Friends, but when comparing the two sitcoms, there may be some validity to the accusation.

A Hangout Spot

These locations were used consistently in both shows as a meeting point for them all after work, and despite the fact that both locations were busy, each group always managed to get exactly the same spot, conveniently.

Old Footage/Ridiculous Haircuts

These old bits of footage are often hilarious, and just like the characters in Friends, Ted, Marshall, and Lily always looked ridiculous. With ridiculous haircuts and totally different personalities, the scenes always highlighted the changes that the characters went throughout time.

Inability To Cook

However, another way that HIMYM made Robin similar to Rachel was her inability to cook. Rachel famously tried to create a trifle and ended up putting beef into the middle of it, while Robin can’t even manage to scramble some eggs during HIMYM.

Can’t Take A Picture

One comedic element they both have is their inability to take a photograph. Chandler famously could never take a photo when he and Monica tried to get an Engagement photoshoot, while Marshall was also revealed to not be able to take a picture either, which was a very similar plot point.

Becoming Professors

However, they’re also very similar in their jobs. While they both work in two different fields, they are certainly very intellectual jobs, which the rest of the groups mock for being ‘geeky.’ Plus, they both end up working as professors, teaching younger people about their worlds, which is a very clear similarity.

Dating Their Students

This led to a very funny storyline in Friends, as Ross attempted to not get jealous of Elizabeth as she lived her younger life. But How I Met Your Mother would go on to copy this idea of a student-teacher relationship with Ted and Cindy.

Falling For The Best Friend

For Rachel, that was with Joey, which is something that a lot of fans didn’t really enjoy. However, How I Met Your Mother didn’t learn from that mistake, and instead they pushed Barney and Robin to get together, with the two womanizers having a brief period of settling down.

What Job Do They Have?

Birthday Breakup

It provided a very funny moment, and How I Met Your Mother did something very similar, with Ann Dudek once again playing the role. This time she was Natalie and Ted broke up with her on her birthday as well, not just once, but twice.

Marrying The Friends

Joey and Barney were both given the responsibility of actually marrying their friends. Joey took on the role during Phoebe and Mike’s wedding, while Barney did it for Lily and Marshall.